What is Jestei Pool?

Jestei DJ Pool is a narrow-profile webpage aimed at providing DJs with high-quality tools and material for working, along with up-to-date information from the DJ world.

Our team:

The pool is managed by a team of professional producers and DJs. We publish weekly our exclusive works, available only on this site.

  • Jestei 5 – CEO;

  • Tvorock – Public Relationships, Youtube;

  • DJ Čech - Exclusive Editor;

  • Lebedeff - Exclusive Editor;

  • Mages - Exclusive Editors;

  • Fan - Funk Playlist;

  • Gette - Exclusive Editor, Styled Playlist;

Partnership: max.bardeev@gmail.com 


A subscription to our site provides access to the full functionality of the site. A subscription unblocks the full version of the track feed, along with features such as:
  • Playlists 
  • Favorites
  • Filter
  • Search
  • Track downloading
The subscription cost for this service is $20.

All tracks on the site are provided for informational purposes only.

If you have questions, write us jesteipool@gmail.com