How much does a subscription cost?

Subscription fees are charged monthly. The price for the first month is $1; after the first month, an amount of $20 will be charged. The payment is made automatically once a month, until and unless the subscription is canceled.

What are the rules?

After purchasing a subscription, you have access to all the material and functionality of the site. The site is only available to professional DJs. Any accounts can be blocked at the discretion of the administration if there is a violation of our policies.

I have problems with my subscription.

Write to us:

Please note that we disable a trial subscription with an account linked to pages that raise doubts about their originality and authenticity.

How many times can I download a track?

Each track can be downloaded 2 times maximum.

I want to publish the author's Edit.

We publish only exclusive material approved by our team. The work should not be available online and should not be published anywhere within a week after the publication on our pool. When publishing your work, we provide a link to your profile in social networks or music services. You can send your work via the cloud to 

I want to order an advertising from you.

We don't have any advertising and we don't plan to do so.

I want to be on your team.

Send us your work for publication, we would love to to collaborate with talented artists!