We would love to publish your author versions of tracks in the following format:

  • remix
  • mashup
  • blend
  • acapella edit
  • transition
  • flip, slam

If they meet the following conditions:

  • Tracks are in the format of our webpage. This means they’re written in a popular decent foreign and Russian format.
  • The authors, title, and version are correctly spelled out and edited.
  • The track has a high quality sound: everything is in the specified key, without overloads, it sounds clean and pleasant.
  • The track sounds in a good quality - at least 320 kbps, 18 kHz in the private spectrum.
  • You are the author (editor).
  • You sent a track via the cloud with a link to an .mp3 file.
  • Please note: we must approve the uploaded work.

Send your work to: sendtrack.jp@gmail.com